Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Coals to Newcastle

These photos are in no particular order because I cannot figure out the Blogger user interface.

First Edinburgh:

View of Edinburgh Castle from top of Calton Hill
View of Edinburgh from Calton Hill

Mid 17th C Portugese cannon on Calton Hill

As above 

One of the many roses scattered on the hill

Bob near the hotel.

The National Monument on Calton Hill. Not sure if they intend to finish it

And then Newcastle:

Weird caterpillar building in Newcastle 
Bob in unfinished stairway in New Castle in Newcastle
St Nicholas' Church. That's a 14th C tower. 
Tyne Bridge and Caterpillar thing

Ferret on top of New Castle in front of Tyne Bridge and Caterpillar thing

Nice late 16th/early 17th C rapier in New Castle museum

Sign under the rail bridge
The rail bridge. Approximately 40m clearance underneath


  1. We found Newcastle pretty "meh", but there were good views from on top of the old keep