Saturday, December 10, 2011

A thousand Pictures means a million Words

Yes, great picture-heavy post with not much in it:

We're staying in the YHA in Salisbury, which is the town next to the big stone circle thing. The house is pretty and comfortable, although the wi-fi is expensive and rubbish, and the YHA like to charge for everything.

Salisbury is very pretty, and this morning was the first time we felt chill, possibly because of the heavy frost.

The big stone circle is pretty cool. More to write on that later. There were stones, sheep and crows. 

Oh. Yes. We all went to Old Sarum, also known as William's Big Fort Thing. Not much left except stones, but it seems to be a great place for walking dogs and be overrun with rabbits.

Near the Cathedral is a gate from about 1333, with later additions, since that's the UK shield...

Delia relaxing in The Cloisters, in front of a fire, while we wait for food to arrive.

 The cathedral looks great, but we'll have to come back to see it, as misfortunes in timing meant that we didn't get to go in. Oh well, it will still be there.

We did get to see the Salisbury Museum, where Delia found a hat, and a giant parade puppet, known as the Salisbury Giant. They're not real good on clever names. On the other hand, the museum is outstanding, and has a fantastic collection of neolithic through iron age artefacts, with a lot of the artefacts from around the big stone circle. Go see it.

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