Saturday, January 14, 2012 dot points...

We've been busy. Ok, that's the summary. Herein the news, to hold a place until we fill in the places:

1) We've got temporary accommodation here in a tiny studio apartment while we find work;
2) we've got our CVs out into various hands, and are starting to get interviews;
3) the public transport system, and in fact the whole transport system, while not always super cheap is entirely effective and useful;
4) Camden Markets are on the whole pretty tacky, but would be a good place to find boots, bags or dresses. Unfortunately I need none of them.

Tomorrow we intend to go for a wander down near Westminster, Big Ben, and such like. We will probably pass the Globe. The sky is likely to continue brilliant blue, and the air sparkling clear, and the weather mild. Also, we will find green grass, and more cold cider.

1 comment:

  1. Good to see you guys have somewhere to hang your hat. But I strongly suggest you find an apartment with a second bedroom, just in case you have a visitor who may or may not be related to you...
    Good luck with the job hunt!