Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Laser Unicorn Disintegrates The Horns Of The Cosmic Rhino

Which was the title on a small(ish) limited edition lithograph by Salvador Dali that we saw today. We could have strolled off with it for the measly sum of £2,200. On the other hand, we could have strolled off with a small doodle on napkin by Dali for £24,000. 

We went off today to the London Art Fair, held in a design centre at Angel, Islington, which is inside a big old Victorian building that was either an old rail station or some sort of market hall. Probably the latter. There was an amazing, astounding, amusing, jaw-dropping quantity of art, but after a couple of hours we were well and truly galleried out and retired for sushi.

80-odd galleries had contributed to the fair, setting up booths with a selection of their wares, and discretely trying to flog it off. And a good amount of it was disappearing out the doors wrapped in brown paper, despite the eye-raising prices on a lot of pieces.

We stopped half way for some muffins and coffee, and were once again teased by the promise of Free Wi-Fi. This is a pretty common thing - lots of places offering Free Wi-Fi, although mostly you have to sign up first to some provider or other, and often pay a subscription first. Using the service is free, but the subscription isn't...

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