Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back to Work

Well, my holiday and search for work is now over. Bob has a number of good prospects, and is working with an agency to maximise her options for landing a contract position in the next few weeks.

I've taken up the role of Senior Java Developer with Somo, in an office that is not only about 100m from the statue of Eros in Picadilly Circus, but has a view across the city, and down into the circus. In a way it's funny to describe my role as "a" Java developer, as I'm currently the Java developer. The company has a new product that's not entirely publicly visible yet, which was built by an external company. They've decided they want the product to continue in house, and so are going to build a team to carry it forward.

Next step: somewhere to live permanently. Stay tuned for further news.


  1. Latest News : "Feb 8th" ???
    Has Big Ben seized up or frozen ?
    Has Dr. Who been playing silly buggers in London AGAIN and suspended you all ?
    In the "Stone-age" or "the-naughties" no-one would have noticed, but in this "Blog age".......

    1. The last few weeks have been pretty chaotic. We've found somewhere to live permanently, and are waiting anxiously to get through the process of having references, background, teeth and dietary preferences checked.