Sunday, February 5, 2012


It's been a full and crazy week. Monday night we went off to see Genticorum in the basement of the Slaughtered Lamb. Has there ever been a better name? Genticorum are a Quebecois trio, performing traditional Quebecois folk, and their own stuff, and are seriously awesome.

It's been a wild whirl of job seeking this week, and I have reached the end of the week with not one, but two offers for awesome jobs, and am now left with the tough decision of which I will choose. By the time most of you read this, I will have chosen, and hope to tell you about it. One of the jobs is up near Kings Cross station, and the other is around the corner from Picadilly Circus. As we went through there on Thursday afternoon, photos occurred:

The giant screens over the square had crashed, and we were amused to see not only was the media being delivered via Dropbox, but that some tech had remotely logged in to have a look at the logs in Notepad and was sitting somewhere saying "oh god oh god oh god how do i fix this?"

Eros, as ever, was unperturbed. I will have to get photos of the building overlooking this, where a trio of golden girls eternally dive into the crowd below.

And for no readily apparent reason, there's an awesome statue of four prominently male stallions apparently bursting from the wall. I would like to think they have names, but if I do take the job near here,  will name them myself.
One of these days I will try to take awesome photos of what is awesome in the V&A. This is not one of them, and does not readily convey that this is a hallway full of the Renaissance marbles not spectacular enough to put in the main gallery. I wanted to go to the V&A yesterday in order to think about my quandary, although we did get seriously distracted en-route in Hamley's, and swamped by hordes of feral New Zealanders apparently rampaging through Kensington in order to celebrate Waitangi Day a few days early. 

The thing about going to the V&A to think - or some of the other astounding places we have found - is that there is indescribable pleasure and comfort to be found in just sitting in, or strolling through, rooms filled with staggering beauty.

And in other news, we have finally had snow. It probably won't last, but while it's here we are enjoying it immensely.

Our garden patio became slightly less comfortable for eating breakfast in, and we strolled down through Hampstead to find coffee and breakfast, and throw snowballs in the common, detouring through the cemetery as we returned. I hope for more snow, and will be thrilled even when it turns to disgusting brown slush.


  1. Love the cemetary snow angel!

    from wikipedia:
    Four Bronze Horse of Helios 1992 sculpture

    Some lists, cited by Hyginus, of the names of horses that pulled Helios' chariot, are as follows.
    "According to Eumelus of Corinth - Eous; by him the sky is turned. Aethiops, as if faming, parches the grain. These trace-horses are male. The female are yoke-bearers: Bronte, whom we call Thunder, and Sterope, whom we call Lightning.
    According to Homer, the names are : Abraxas, *Therbeeo.
    According to Ovid: Pyrois, Eous, Aethon, and Phlegon".[53]

  2. Awesome! And here I was thinking they were just missing their riders, from an entirely different mythos!