Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oh dear

It really has been a long time since I've put anything up here. Let's see if I can splat up some photos to give some idea of what we have been up to. Also, since I can pop things quickly and easily, keep an eye on

 So. We went and spent a weekend in the 15th century, and fired cannons

we found the bouncy-castle stonehenge replica

Summer bloomed, and we found birds of prey at a 17th century merchant's house

 Bob's ads dominated Charing Cross Station, watched by tens of thousands each day.

We went to Tewkesbury,

and went to the Proms with Wallace and Gromit at the Royal Albert Hall. And we know how many holes it takes to fill it. By the way, the giant statue of Albert out the front is actually the only remains of the secret late 19th Century plan to put a man on the moon.

We visited Thibualt's book at an exhibit at the Wallace Collection, several times, and a couple of nights ago had a guided tour and intimate dinner with the curator, Tobias Capwell.

 There were tall ships parked near our front door for the Olympics, and we went for a sunset cruise on my birthday.

 We also went to the semi finals of the women's boxing, and saw really amazing feats of skill.

Two weeks ago we spent the weekend with lovely people in the 16th century, in an inn built in the 14th Century. Bob makes a good scullery maid.

And last weekend they unveiled the statue of Nike given to London by Olympia - and some lads from the Royal Artillery up the road popped down to add some colour.

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