Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A house in the Country

Continuing with the somewhat arbitrary splatting of photos up. As I mentioned, Bob's parents came over shortly after we moved into the Arsenal, and we spent some time nipping around London with them (and being fed rather too well through a succession of restaurants). Among other things during that week we got out to see "One Man, Two Guvnors" - if it tours or a production shows up in your locale do go and see it: it's a terrifically funny collision between music hall slapstick, British farce and Commedia Dell'Arte. Trust me. It's funny.

A welcome respite though was a trip out to the country house of Bob's sister and her family. Apart from my work exploding horribly and me spending too much time with a laptop, it was amazingly relaxing. What can  you expect from a farm house that in parts dates back to the 17th century?

More photos are up at Flickr: Country House in May

We didn't do much that weekend, which is just as well, as once we stopped moving - and in some ways this was the first time we'd stopped moving in months, we just... stopped. We strolled through the woods, ate an amazing roast Sunday lunch in a pub, read, drew. Did little.

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