Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Other things during the month

 People at my workplace are keen on baking. And are all slightly mad. And cookies are important to our work. Hence, cookie monster cupcakes. It makes perfect sense.
 My workplace is very close to Leicester Square, which is home to a lot of media activity. I came through one morning in the rain, and for no readily apparent reason a Mariachi band was huddled under the shelter while PR people flapped about trying to raise a crowd.
 The park near us, besides the Thames, erupted into a field, a meadow, of daisies.
 Bob beside the Thames, flowers in her hair. She's sad though. Her beloved pet dog Silky had just passed away. We miss her a lot.
 We went into the Queen's Gallery on the first day of the Jubilee to see the (amazingly good) exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci's anatomical drawings. They were setting up for the jubilee concert, doing sound checks and rehearsals, and their were huge crowds hanging around in the hope of seeing something - we did get to hear Robbie Williams rehearsing, and later, Annie Lennox - which made getting to the gallery difficult. So we detoured quite a way through the park, and came across these meadows of poppies and daisies and other wildflowers, specially prepared to encourage wildlife into the park, and flowering for the first time.

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  1. Lovely lovely, classic buildings, London, jubilee, flowers, lovely stuff...OMGCOOKIEMOSTERCUPCAKES!!!