Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A whole month

Ah yes. Silence. Can we use the excuse that we've had Bob's parents to stay, and been flat out working, and flat out doing things?

Well that's the excuse anyway. We still haven't got much furniture in the flat - two beds, two bean bags, two bar stools, four chairs and a table. It's a start. Next step is going to have to be either bookshelves or wardrobes, because in theory unless something's gone horribly wrong in the Mediterranean the ship with all my stuff will arrive in a week or so. It's a difficult question: should the books remain on the floor, or the clothes?

 We've not just been working and clucking around the house though. On May Day Bob danced out with New Esperance, and I got a chance to duck out of work and nip up to the pub in Islington that they started at. And to sink a pint.

Although I didn't see it, this was apparently the shape of their day - going from pub to pub around Islington, drinking and dancing in the streets, carrying the traditional Milkmaid's Garland.

A fine tradition. Dancing up the afternoon sun.

More photos of the day are up at Flickr: May Day Dance Out 2012

Oh. Yes. Forgot to mention that we voted for the Mayor, but he got in anyway. I like the attitude toward democracy here, or at least for London: if you're living here and contributing to the economy, you get a say in whose bums are polishing the cushions. Also, they take voting seriously at the Arsenal

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